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Hello, My name is Angelo John Margiotta I am a practicing Solicitor, Attorney, Conveyancer & Notary Public working in my own office since 1995 and now I am the principal Solicitor, Attorney, Conveyancer & Notary Public of Blacktown Legal Established 2008. The majority of my work has been in conveyancing with Blacktown Legal based in Blacktown, with sales & purchases from inner city units of Sydney to resort investments properties on the north coast in fact just about any where in N.S.W. is no problem for me and my team at Blacktown Legal, call  9421 1122

I also specialize in the preparation and legalization of Italian Procuras

9am -1pm or 2pm - 5pm Monday to Friday or
FAX  9671 6111 or email me at


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Phone: 02 9421 1122

     Fax: 02 9671 6111

E-mail: angelo@blacktownlegal.com.au

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